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Hello Jonathan:  I am writing about a person who helped someone that was going though difficult hardships.  The person now has tremendous respect and admiration for the person that helped them.  

My friend suggested using the phrase "she holds a halo over him" to describe how the person (the one that went though the hardships) feels.

I had never heard of this expression, but I think it sounds good.  I would greatly appreciate your opinion.  Thank you.

Hi Alicia,

That is an interesting question. That phrase "holds a halo over him", could certainly be used to describe that situation. However, it should also be noted that it is not a very common phrase and many people likely would not have heard it before. That being said, many people can probably correctly infer the meaning of the phrase based on the context that it is presented in. If you like the phrase, definitely feel free to use it, after all, you're the one telling the story. But, if you are concerned that others might not understand, you can use alternate expressions such as; holds him in high esteem, holds him in the highest regards, or some other similar expression. Either way you go, I think that you'll be okay given the context of the situation.

I hope that helps.

Kind Regards,

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