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Could you please explain me what is a LIVING HOUSE?

I found this word in the following context that an American woman wrote me about her bad life mentioned below:

"I understand about having an elderly mother, mine is 81 and has Alzheimers Disease, and Thomas's mother is 82 and unable to live at home, she is in an assisted living home forever now."

She also wrote me this phrase listed below:

We are unable to get him the surgery he needs for his back because our share would exceed $20,000.00.  I get my insurance from my employer because it is 10 times more expensive through Obamacare. Could you also be so kind to explain me the word "SHARE" in in this context? Unfortunately I'm Italian and I strive to improve American English.

         Thank you.

Hi Giuliano, interesting questions.

The first point of clarification is that it's called an "Assisted Living Home", not a "living house". In American Culture it is very common for the elderly to be forced into "retirement homes" or "old-folks homes" or "nursing homes". These are essentially hospitals where the elderly go to live until they die. These hospitals give them their medications and such every day and the people who live there live in what is essentially a hospital room. This type of place is generally for people who have great difficulty functioning on their own and need a lot of care.  An "Assisted Living Home" is a similar concept, but it's residents are more autonomous. In these cases they are usually apartment complexes where the people live in their own apartment and can cook their own meals and live like normal. However, if they need someone to help them, they can just pick the up the phone and someone is there.

With regards to "share" in the second sentence, they are referring to what we call a "Co-pay". Here's a hypothetical example to illustrate the use. Suppose, for example, that your insurance will pay for 80% of the procedure and you have to pay for the other 20%. That 20% portion is often called a "share". So, using this example, if their share would exceed $20,000, and their copay was 20%, then the overall cost of the procedure would be $100,000 and the Insurance would pay $80,000.

I hope those explanations make sense. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,

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