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I have a question that has puzzled me. I want to know that why a comma before but is required in these sentences?

I was reading an article here about a Pakistani cricket player here:-

This article says "Team Pakistan says it will not call up a replacement before Friday’s quarterfinal against Australia, but may consider one after that, the PCB said in its release."

I want to know that why did the author placed a comma before "but may consider" in this sentence? Isn't the second clause that starts with "may consider" a dependent clause?

If I write sentences like:

"I am not taking Jason with me now, but may consider taking him with me later."

In the above sentence, the second clause is dependent, right? Similarly, the the sentence in the article was also dependent. So, why did the author placed a comma before a dependent clause that starts with "but may consider"?

Here is the second sentence:-

"Apples are rarely available in our area but carries a lot of health benefits."

Should there be a comma before "but carries a lot of health benefits"?



Leave the comma in. In all cases you are dealing with two independent clauses connected by a coordinate conjunction (but) which generally is preceded by a comma. In all cases the subject of the clause is understood.

Here are my lecture notes:

When a coordinating conjunction connects two independent clauses, it is often (but not always) accompanied by a comma:

Turner wants to play for Syracuse, but has had trouble meeting the academic requirements.

When the two independent clauses connected by a coordinating conjunction are nicely balanced or brief, many writers will omit the comma:

Jones has a great jump shot but he isn't quick enough on his feet.

The comma is always correct when used to separate two independent clauses connected by a coordinating conjunction.

Jerry Leone

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