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hi there, I was wondering, would this sentence be grammatically correct?

     {Behold, she revealed herself on to me.}

or would it be more like - {Behold, she revealed herself to me.}  

The first one sounds better, don't you think?  it sounds more Shakespearean like. In fact, I believe the first sentence is correct as far as archaic or Middle English go, whereas the second sentence fits in Modern English grammar right?

You are wrong on both accounts. Very wrong.

The second is correct.

You cannot "reveal" on to someone. "Reveal" is not a noun (a person, place, or thing) which can do something, but in this context, it is a  transitive verb, therefore, cannot physically climb up onto a person. The noun of "reveal" is a door jamb or part of a window. That is the only noun (person, place, or thing) and is not in this context, therefore cannot act as to climb on someone with is to be "on me," implying to climb up on, lay upon a person, get on top a person, etc.

No, Shakespeare would not say "Behold, she revealed herself on to me."  As I said, that makes no sense and is incorrect in every way possible.

Shakespeare would have said, "Behold! The lady came, tellen to me of herself."

The correct modern English is:

"Behold! She revealed herself." (there is no reason to state "to me."

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