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Please, help me to get rid from following problems:

1) He proposed to her, who had requited his love from the moment they met.

2) She, whom he had met only two weeks before, thought his proposal premature.

3) I am asking her, who is a doctor.

4) It is he whom they provoke to anger.

a) In first example, 'who' is indicating to 'her'. But 'who' is subjective case while 'her' is objective case. In second example 'whom' is indicating to 'she'. Here, 'she' is subjective case, where 'whom' is objective case. Are these sentences are right? If these are wrong, please give the right form them.

b) Are 3 and 4 are right? If these sentences are right, why the first and second sentences will be wrong? If they are wrong, please give the right form of them.

Hi Nousher,

Yes, you are correct in your understanding. while sentence 3 is technically correct, it's also a fragment, and the fragment changes the meaning. The way that is written now it looks like you are asking a woman "Who is a doctor?" and waiting for the woman to give you the name of the doctor. Granted, this sentence is out of context, so by itself it is confusing, but something like "I am asking her, who is a doctor, what I should do about this injury".  This suggestion is optional of course because had there been prior conversation it would have already been understood what was being asked.

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