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"Sometimes I will eat things I know are unhealthy."

1) Here, I think "I know" is absolute, isn't it?

2)In "...... are unhealthy" subject will be "things". I think "that" has been omitted before "....are unhealthy". Since "that" has been omitted, the form of "are" should be "being". But why "are" has been used instead of "being"?

1) Yes, "I know" is absolute.

2) No, you are wrong. You cannot say: " Sometimes, I will eat things I know that are unhealthy." It is unnecessary to add "that." Stating "are unhealthy" says it all properly without using additional articles.  "Sometimes, I will eat things I know are unhealthy." is correct.

Why say: " Sometimes, I will eat things I know will being unhealthy," is incorrect English. You cannot use "I will eat" and "being" in the same sentence due to tense conflict.

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