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"The effect of these investigations of mine, gentlemen, has been to arouse against me a great deal of hostility. "

1) What is the function of "gentlemen" in this sentence?

2) To which it is indicating?

3) Would you like to explain the meaning of this sentence?

4) Wouldyou mind to give examples of this type of sentence?

I have asked four questions on a sentence. It was necessary for me. Please, forgive me.

Thanks a lot.

1) Gentleman is in vocative case. It shows to whom you are addressing when you speak.

For example: Sir, I am sorry that I am late.
I am sorry, Sir, I am late,
In both cases, SIR is used to address the person whom you are speaking to.

2) I am not quite clear what you mean - but if you are referring to the word GENTLEMEN, then it refers to a group of two or more persons (even a committee consisting of several members) before whom the statement is being read out / spoken.

3) [As I understand] Someone (may be, a detective) is presenting the report of his investigation before a group of men. He laments that his investigations has roused (caused to develop) hostility against himself - that is, some one (or a group of persons) have turned hostile towards the investigator because they resented his investigation. That is the final outcome of his investigations - to make a large number of enemies!

4) Would you, ladies and gentlemen, kindly proceed to the dining hall?  

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