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Respected Jerry,

This is not at all a homework question. You thought that I am sending you a homework question and you didn't answer. Anyway, this isn't a homework question. I want to know the connotations about some words. I am re-asking my question. This question is about the words crafty, sly, and cunning. I want to know that are these words always used in a negative connotations or are they used positively, too?

For example,

"Jamie was crafty enough to escape from the gang."


"Jamie was cunning enough to escape from the gang."

"God was crafty/cunning so he schemed against the enemies of his people."

So the words crafty, sly, and cunning are always used in a negative connotations or are they used positively, too?

Thank you.


The two Jamie sentences both show the positive side of craftiness. By his stealth, he achieved a positive result (escaping from harm).

In the last quote, the words "schemed against the enemies" connotes a negative image so I would call it negative. How can scheming ever be positive?

Jerry Leone  

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