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QUESTION: Let's consider the following sentences:

1) She sings beautiful.

2) She sings beautifully.

What are the differences between these two sentences? Please, say details. I think both of these are correct.

ANSWER: 2) She sings beautifully.

"Beautifully" is an adverb describing how she sings.

"Beautiful" is a noun and an adjective depending how used.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Since the word 'beautiful' is an adjective, it modifies 'she'. I can split the sentence (She sings beautiful) into two parts. They are:
1. She is beautiful.
2. She sings.

Am I right? But I have a little confusion. Can this sentence be said in the following way?

"She is beautiful when she sings."

If it is possible, please explain. If it is not possible to explain in details, you may mention some useful links of lesson that are related to the sentence 1 ( She sings beautiful).

Thank you.

1. She is beautiful.<--- this means she is pretty (beautiful) as in her looks.
2. She sings. <-------------- this is an incomplete statement, therefore wrong.

"She is beautiful when she sings." <---- this means she is pretty (beautiful) as in her looks, when she sings and has nothing to do with the sound of her singing, i.e. sings beautifully.

I gave you a link already and cannot continue research for you.  

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