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Can you please explain APA to me? Like how it got started and how to use the APA format?

Hi Brooke,

APA Format is simply a way of writing papers. In other words, it's a set of rules that explains how you make citations, what goes in them, how you punctuate things, etc. The idea with paper formats like this is that it provides a level of consistency if everyone does it the same way. The APA style comes from the American Psychological Association. It might seem rather strange that they developed this style, but they did so based on things that have been shown to psychologically improve the readability of the paper. It is easily the most common format. Other common formats include MLA and Chicago Style.

If you search Google for "APA Template" you can pre-made templates that already adhere to most of the APA rules where you can just modify them with your own text and go from there. There are whole books published by the APA about all of the various rules of the style, but one of the best resources for people who are just getting started is:

I hope this helps!

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