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What is it called when you add a few letters to the end of a word without adding additional meaning?  An example would be "amongst", which, as far as I can tell, no different than "among."


Since the meaning is not changed, other than “variant”, I don’t know of a specific term.  

Supposedly the adding of “st” to words like among and while was a pronunciation thing to make speaking more euphonious.  It may also be related to the Germanic roots of the language since such a construction is common in German.

However, I must say you have stepped on one of my pet grammatical peeves . . . “different than.”  While “different than” is currently accepted as ”correct” English by the great unwashed, it has not always been thus.  Since “than” is a comparative term, and things that are different cannot be compared, the MORE correct form is to say “different from.”

A plate is bigger than a cup.  (both have size. . . compare size . . . bigger than)
A plate is different than a cup. (what is being compared? Nothing.).  A plate is different from a cup. (A plate is one thing.  A cup is another.)  They are different from each other.

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