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QUESTION: Cooperation is when things work together.
If someone asks, please hand be the butter and you do that is cooperation.
If a mugger asks for your wallet, under duress - your actions are compelled, is that still cooperation?  Or is there another word?

Many thanks!

- Rick

ANSWER: Hi Rick,

I'm assuming that you're asking for the other word and not for a grammar check on these sentences.
Based on that assumption, the answer would be no, handing your wallet to a mugger is not cooperation. I would call that "compliance".
In addition to working together, cooperation also carries the implied meaning that the end result is desired by both parties - they are working together toward a common goal. When someone forces you to comply to their will when you don't want to, then that's not cooperation.

I hope this helps.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So the differnece between cooperation and compliance is volition?

the action or fact of complying with a wish or command.
"they must secure each other's cooperation or compliance"

the process of working together to the same end.
"they worked in close cooperation with the AAA"

So compliance is requied and coopeation is voluntary?

Hi Rick, yes, that's exactly right.

Compliance is dictated by someone with more power or when there is a case of unequal status.
For example, a contract might have clauses in it that require people to do something. In the field that I work in there are many training lessons that are required as part of compliance. Whether we want to do them or not is irrelevant.

Cooperation is working to the same goal, but not necessarily for the same reasons. For example; two criminals might cooperate to steal some valuable items. One thief might be purely in it for the money, but the other thief might have a personal vendetta against the person that they are stealing from. The motives are not important, but the fact that they are working together to achieve the same goal is. As another example, if two mortal enemies were both trapped in a situation that might kill both of them, they might work together to survive the incident. Or they might both want to achieve the same goal for the same reason.

I hope this makes sense.

Kind Regards,

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