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Dear Ted:

Would you please explain the meaning of "past" in the following headline?

Brazil vs Germany match report World Cup 2014: Utter humiliation for hosts as Germany hit seven past hosts

Also, would you please give me some other examples of "past" used in the same way as above?

Many, many thanks for your kind help.


Dear Paolo:

Having no idea what the comment meant, I searched the internet and found this information at the FIFA site:

Germany have pulled off arguably the most extraordinary FIFA World Cup victory of all time, thrashing hosts Brazil 7-1 to book their place in the Final.

*** My interpretation is that the German team managed to move the ball past the Brazilian team seven times in order to score an extraordinary seven goals.

I cannot offer you other examples.  I think the phrasing of what you sent me is really bad.  I have never seen this kind of wording before.


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