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QUESTION: When I first attended community college I had to take remedial writing and math and apparently passed as I finished there and went to university. But that was all over 10 years ago. I recently found my old writing book and it occures to me that my ability to write hasn't really been challenged since then. Is there an online test or some way to determine my aptitude as a writer these days? I am rather curious.

ANSWER: Hi James,

I have no doubt that there are online writing tests. I did a quick Google search for "Free Online Writing Test" and "Free Online Writing Assessment". There a number of different options from very lengthy hour+ long tests, to short tests that test a specific skill. Without knowing too much about what you're looking for it's hard to point out a specific test. But if you use either of those search terms you should find something useful.

I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

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QUESTION: I would like to know if I could ever be a well spoken essayist so I would want to know if I choose the right words and put together a smooth narrative.

Hi James, apologies for the delay.

Based on what little I've seen on your writing when asking questions, I think you could become an essayist and be successful at it. The biggest challenge is simply to practice. Practice a lot. Read other essays that moved you or that you like or respect and reflect upon what qualities and characteristics those essays have that make you feel that way and then try to emulate that in your own style.  

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