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Yeah, it's true that book one hasn't been published yet, but I have so much story in me I am now writing its sequel. My question pertains to the SEQUEL. Is it proper to re-describe my characters?
"Norman met Ellen and she was beautiful with her copper red hair, soft lips that have a permanent pout and hazel eyes.... etc, etc."

They were all described in the first book but should I assume that the reader of book two may not have read book one and there write book two like it was a complete standalone? It is a continuous story line.   Thanks for your help.

Hi Michael,

That's a great question! My advice is: yes, describe them again. Although from your perspective the book is a continuation of the previous story, and the characters and locations are already familiar, you should write the book with the approach that it's a stand-alone work. The reason for this is because some readers may discover your 2nd or 3rd or 4th book by accident and read it, and then decide that they love it and want to read the whole series. Just because you wrote the story in a specific sequence doesn't mean that's how readers will read it. It's okay to have story lines continue between books, I do that in my own writing, but give enough details that if someone who never read the first book picked up book 2 they wouldn't be totally lost. If you can do that, you'll build a stronger fan-base.

I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

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