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Dear Ted:

At the end of your answer to my question titled "Check out, check out for," you give the following example:

Before I invent in this company, I intend TO CHECK IT OUT.

My question is this:

Did you mean to write, "Before I INVEST in this company,....."?

If not, what does the sentence mean?

Thank you,


P.S. Ted, is the sentence "At the end of your answer to my question titled....." correctly written?

Dear Paolo:

My right eye is giving me problems.  I am contributing to these problems by spending four or more hours per day answering Allexperts questions.   Also, at one time, Allexperts provided a spell checking program for answers.  They no longer do.

Thus, I am making inexcusable mistakes.

I should have written "Before I INVEST in this company  . .  . ."

I apologize, once again.

I will try to be more careful.  I also want to alert you that I may be leaving Allexperts until my eye gets better.

Your opening sentence IS correctly written.


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