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Dear Ted:

Is there a difference between "GET it right" and "MAKE it right"?

If so, when should I use each of them?

Would you please give me some examples?

Many, many thanks for your kind help.


P.S. I trust your answers much more than those in the dictionaries. That's why I always rate them with a ten. Your help is invaluable. Thanks again for your support. Do you mind if I continue to send you questions relating to idioms? Please let me know.

Dear Paolo:

Is there a difference between "GET it right" and "MAKE it right"?

Here is my view:


You are just starting to do something.  Let's say you are trying to solve a logic problem.  What you are trying to do is "get it right."  You must perform the action without any errors.


I accepted Jim's challenge to solve the crossword puzzle, and I intend TO GET IT RIGHT.

IN ORDER TO GET IT RIGHT, you must begin you project with the best directions and the best equipment.


This phrase suggests that something has already been done, and it has been done incorrectly.  In order to MAKE IT RIGHT, you must eliminate the errors.


The first time I tried to bake the cake, the final product was a miserable failure.  This time, I intend to MAKE IT RIGHT.

I am going to MAKE IT RIGHT with Jane by apologizing to her and then asking her out for dinner.

Check the site below for more examples:

*** Paolo, you may keep sending me questions related to idioms, but I hope that you would do some online research first.  You may find answers at one or more of the sites I recommended.
After all, I get many of my examples from those sites, so I am just an additional step between your questions and the sites' answers.


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