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Hello Richard,
I am the general chair of a convention. One of my committee chairs, in charge of the banquet program, has used semicolons in the program in a way that doesn't strike me as grammatically correct usage.  Examples:

Metropolis Mayor;  John Doe
Convention Co-Chair;  Sally Smith
Local Chapter President; Dwight Davis

Is this correct semicolon usage?  If not, how should the name of each speaker be appropriately separated from their title in the banquet program?


Thanks, James, for your question. It's my pleasure to answer you, and I hope you'll ask more.

I agree that this use of a semicolon is not standard. A comma might be acceptable, depending on the context. The rule is that a semicolon should be used instead of a comma when separating two independent clauses, or when a greater degree of separation is needed (as, commonly, when the existence in the same sentence of other commas together with the one in question would impair the sentence's clarity). Neither condition is met here.

If you care to send me in a follow-up a context including the text preceding the listing, I'll attempt to give you a more definite answer regarding the use of the comma here.  

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