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I am writing an 1800s western fiction and my character enters Denver CO and many other little towns throughout the story. What can or cannot I say about some town like Laramie or Denver? I guess I am asking how ACCURACTE do I have to be? Presently, with the exception of Denver which has a lot internet info, I have been using phoney names while actually using real towns. For example my character is based in a town called Mount Carmel but I am using Laramie, WY for the town setting. Do you understand what I'm asking? Do I have to change the name of the town even if I can't be accurate about it?  Thanks

Michael,  sorry for the delay.  
This one comes up a lot. The main thing to ask yourself is how crucial is it to be very accurate with the details? In a book that I wrote I spent a lot of time getting the details of the city right. You could pull up a map and follow the character's path. But, most people don't care. A fictional town can be whatever you'd like it to be. If you use a major town like Denver, I would at least get major points right, but I wouldn't spend too much time fretting about it. Most people will be more interested in the story anyway.  
I hope that helps.  
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