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QUESTION: Dear Johnathan

Are there English Songs constructed and  played in Movies and Plays from poems?.


ANSWER: Hi Prashant,

If I understand you, you are asking if a poem has been used as inspiration for writing a song that has been used in movies or plays.

I couldn't find anything specific about that topic. I did find a rather large list of poems that have been turned into songs:, however it doesn't mention if any of them were used as a soundtrack.

I hope that helps.

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QUESTION: Dear Johnathan


Example - Wordsworth's Daffodils.

Are there English Movies Or English Plays which have a song constructed from the above poem?


This particular poem has been turned into song(s) called either "Daffodil", or wandered lonely as a cloud". You can see some of these renditions on YouTube by searching for those titles. I have not found any movie that uses this song as part of its soundtrack.

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