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Can I use tell in direct speech?
He tells me, "I am happy".

Is this sentence an adverbial clause or adverbial phrase?
To buy a new house, you need to have money.

You can use TELL in both direct and indirect speech.

The only restriction is that TELL must be (usually) followed by an object (tell whom).

You can say HE SAYS THAT HE IS WRONG / HE SAYS, "I AM WRONG" (both correct)...

but not HE TELLS THAT HE IS WRONG / HE TELLS,"I AM WRONG" (both incorrect).

You have to say: HE TELLS ME.. / HE TELLS HIS BROTHER... / HE TELLS SIMON, etc. (TELLS followed by a noun / pronoun as its object).

This rule has exceptions in sentences like THE CLOCK TELLS THE TIME / THE CLOCK TELLS US THE TIME (where the object may be omitted, since the clock tells the time to any and every person who might look at it).
To buy a new house / In order to buy a new house .....

Since there is no finite verb (TO BUY is an infinitive) it is a phrase (adverb phrase of reason / purpose)

To make it a clause, you may rewrite it thus:
If you want to buy a new house, ... (WANT is a full verb... so now it is adverb clause of reason / purpose)

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