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What does "quality of life" mean? How should it be used? I hear it a lot in local commercials where the person says something like, this doctor helped me get my quality of life back. What does that mean? Every time I hear it, I want to ask the person if they were dead before they met this doctor. It just sounds so awkward when I hear a person say, I would like to tell you how this pharmacy helped me get my quality of life back.

Hi Kim,

Interesting question. Quality of life is a term that is used to describe the general condition and comfort of a person's life. For example, if a person was very poor they might live in a place with no running water and be forced to fetch their water from a well, and they might suffer from malnutrition, and they might not have electricity, or plumbing. They are alive, but their life is difficult. You could say that this person has a poor quality of life because they have a lot of strife and turmoil. However, if they were to have their financial status increased and could afford a house with electricity, plumbing, and running water and proper food and medical care, then you could say that their quality of life improved.

In medical ads like the one that you describe they often associate poor quality of life with symptoms like chronic pain, general suffering, depression, etc. While the person is alive, it is painful or difficult for them every day. If medication helps them recover slightly so that their pain is diminished, then their quality of life is said to have improved.

I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask a followup if you have further questions.

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