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This is difficult to explain. I want to write about a famous ( long ago deceased) historical figure. I would be using historical facts and events, but I want to fill facts and events with the unknown personality of this person. You know,the personal side that historican simply didn't know or cared less about. Perhaps this persons private agony, or secret desires, etc. The possible life around them. Now, here is my question: would I class this book as fiction or nonfiction?
Mr. Clayborn, you've always been a great help and I want you to know I appreciated your advise and assistance.

Hi Michael,

I completely understand what you are asking about. This is a specialized category of fiction called "historical fiction". There are many well-known examples of this type of work. For example; "Pillars of the Earth" has fictional characters that framed in actual historical events. Another example is a series currently on Netflix called "The Last Kingdom", which is based on a series of books about Alfred the Great. The main points of the story are accurate and factual, but some of the characters interactions, and even some of the characters themselves (such as the main character Uhtred), are fictional.

I hope this helps.

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