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In the following paragraph, is the shift from the plural "devices" to a singular device then back to plural again grammatically correct?

Small, lightweight, automated sterile connection devices that can easily be used in multiple parts of your facility can make an impact on your overall efficiency. Each device may be small in size, yet its impact can be significant; use them to follow current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) requirements, safeguard a sterile environment and ensure that your welds are the same every time.

I'm sending this revision because I may not have addressed all of your concerns.

There's nothing wrong with talking about devices and then in the same paragraph (or even in the same sentence) talking about each device.

I also may have used a word, antecedent, that you're not familiar with. The antecedent of a pronoun is the word to which the pronoun refers. In your selection the antecedent of them is (incorrectly) device.

The selection is indeed incorrect with respect to agreement in number. The plural pronoun them must have a plural antecedent, and it does not here. Use it would be correct, as both the pronoun and its antecedent would be singular.

There are other grammatical problems with the selection: follow up if you want elaboration.

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