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Hello Dr. D,
I hope allís well with you. I have a question for you. Iím not sure if I should say ďcatch up withĒ or ďcatch up toĒ, or if both ways are correct. In other words, are the following sentences grammatically correct and do they make sense?
1. Iím studying English hard to catch up with my classmates.
2. Iím studying English hard to catch up to my classmates.
3. Iím studying hard to catch up with my classmates.
4. Iím studying hard to catch up to my classmates.

I greatly appreciate your help.

Hello Glen,

I prefer sentences #2 and #4.  Sentence #3 could be confusing because it could mean you are catching on what is going on with your classmates.  Sentence #1 is clear because you specify English so it would be okay but #2 and #4 are better, in my opinion.

Best regards,

Dr. D

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