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Running with the Bull wrote at 2007-06-21 12:47:09
HV stands for helping verb.  Usually questions will start with a helping verb.  Example:  Have you run a marathon?   Have is the HV, run is the main verb, you is the subject, marathon is the dirct object, and a is an adjective modifing marathon.

Xeno WIng wrote at 2007-10-17 00:56:58
HV means helping verb

Retired English Prof wrote at 2008-01-17 22:11:24
HV probably stands for helping verb, also known as an auxiliary verb.  For example, in the interrogative sentence "Have you seen Bob?",

  HV = have

  S  = you

  V  = seen

  DO = Bob    (direct object)

Depending on the system of analysis being used, the DO may or may not be considered a COMP.  Some systems consider all direct objects (DO), indirect objects (IO) and predicate nouns or predicate adjectives to be complements because they complete them meaning of the verb in some way.  Other systems use the term complement for only predicate nouns, predicate adjectives, and object complements.  Try to find out which system your teacher is using.  Is (s)he distinguishing among these different kinds of completers or putting them all under one umbrella?  

Miles P. wrote at 2015-02-12 03:56:52
Hi Ashley!

I know my answer took 9 years but I want to help those who are seeking what HV is. The pattern HV-S-V-COMP means:

Helping Verb-Subject-Verb-Complement. It is an inverted sentence pattern. In an inverted sentence pattern, the subject is never first.

Example: Did Ashley bake the cake?

did is the helping verb (HV)

Ashley is the subject (S)

bake is the verb (V)

cake is the direct object (DO)/complement (COMP)

By the way, there are five different kinds of complements can be found in English sentences: direct object (DO), indirect object (IO), objective complement (OC), predicate nominative (PN) and predicate adjective (PA).

I hope this will help those want to know more.

Yours truly,

Miles P.

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