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Former Teacher wrote at 2007-08-31 15:58:36
Please reconsider your answer on apostrophes. The phrase is a possessive. The correct phrase is "24 hours' notice" for it is a notice of 24 hours, just as "a week's pay" is the pay of a week.

Alison wrote at 2008-02-24 05:12:52
Phrase: "Available with 24 hours' notice only"

The apostrophe is correct.  The singular would be "Available with 1 hours notice only", so the plural is "24 hours' notice".

Billy wrote at 2013-07-05 19:50:25
Alison, I believe you are only partially correct.

The apostrophe in “24 hours’ notice” is correct, but the lack of apostrophe in “1 hours notice” is not correct. The correct term would be “an hour’s notice.”

Firstly, the first example is correct because “24 hours” is a plural term and plural possessives use the ending “-s’.”

In the next example, the lack of apostrophe is incorrect because an hour is singular and singular possessives use the ending “-‘s.” Also, instead of the number “1” or even word “one,” “a” or “an” should be used.  

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