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I am 36 weeks pregnant and obsessing about the looks of my baby. both my husband and I are of Indian origin. I am very fair with brown eyes and silky straight light brown hair. My husband is dark with coarse jet black hair and dark eyes. My father is fair and well built, i have the color and physical built of my father but in terms of facial features i look like my mother who is wheatish in color and small built. My husbands father is dark and my husband has the features as well as color of his father. His mother is very fair. My husband looks nothing like his mother.I really wish that my baby looks like me. Are there any chances of this happening? Will my baby pick any features from my husbands father??

While we all know that the baby will be a combination of the mother and father in different proportions. No one can predict what combination exactly the baby will inherit. But the combination is restricted to a few choices.
In your cases, if it is a daughter, and the first child, there is a likelihood of the baby inheriting her father's color and feature. If first, and a male child, then he might take after you in looks. On the other hand, even if it is a baby girl, chances are that your father's maternal genes may be passed on to your baby and baby might still look fair since your MIL is fair. Though this color may not be seen in your husband, he will still carry the genes for lighter skin color which could be passed on to the child.
My guess is, your child (boy or girl) might have light to dark brown skin which might gradually get darker as he/she grows older. A girl child might have chances of picking features from your FIL but color might still be on the lighter side.  


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