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Dear Thanemozhi,

I wonder whether the future is gonna bring some really new opportunities in cloning, like these: manipulating the very DNA helix, genes, chromosomes; reproducing those mentioned above; and, finally, the certainty of a 100% secure and effective cloning process (say, one healthy original cell is one healthy duplicated animal). When such wonders could come into being?

Thanks for an answer...

Hi Artur,

Cloning is an evolving field. Manipulating the DNA and creating a cloned cell using the manipulated gene is theoretically possible. I would say that once the entire genome is unraveled- which is not far away as scientists are learning more and more about each region of the genome- this might be possible. But as of now,a perfectly cloned cell, using artificially synthesized genes or even genes chipped and modified or "sculpted" by scientists is a thing of the future. I wont say impossible....



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