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Hi!  My baby was born with very straight hair, Asian like.  It remained like this for the first 3 months.  My mom started taking care of her and got her hair wet every day during bathing.  No good conditioning.  My baby's hair changed to curly without falling.  My husband has straight hair.  I had straight hair until I was about 10 years and then after semi-curly.  

Is it possible that by wetting the hair everyday, my baby's hair changed?  Is there any possibility of getting it back to straight?  

I have read about genetics and understand about recessive and dominant genes, but in this case in which the baby had lots of hair and super straight for 3 months I don't know if her hair's DNA changed.


Hi Vivian,
 Straight or curly hair is definitely determined by genetics. Your baby is surely carrying genes which are making it curly.
Wetting hair cannot change the genes and has nothing to do with making it permanently curly. Some genes for hair color or structure may not be evident during the first few days of life but may start expressing gradually. Remember, that babies are still undergoing development after birth with respect to certain cells and tissues in the body- and the hair structure in this case could be one.

Genetically determined hair structure cannot be changed. I am not aware of cosmetic procedures which make hair permanently straight- and even if there are- it would be harsh on a babies skin and hair.



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