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1. Is it possible that there could be Eye Birth defect in a child
where the child can have vision of only one eye ?. i.e. Child born with vision of only one eye. He/she cannot see with the other eye.

2.Is it possible that there could be Ear Birth defect in a child
where the child can hear with only one ear ?. i.e. Child born with able only to hear with only one ear. He/she cannot hear with the other ear.

Also it is possible that an adult can hear only with one ear i.e. Adult who was able to hear with both ears at birth is able to hear with only one ear. i.e. Has become Deaf with only one ear. Able to Hear with other ear. This may had happened due to ear related infections, diseases etc ?.

3. Statistically this type of Child Birth Defects can be rare ?.

i.e. Could it be 1 out of 1000 in Child Birth where the vision/hearing problem occurs only in one eye/ear ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

You are asking questions about auditory and visual birth defects and the possibility of unilateral auditory damage in later life.
Congenital abnormalities can occur where this type of damage is expressed in an infant. There cannot be a clear statistical figure produced on this type of abnormality as it can self resolve in days weeks or months post partum. Many countries carry out baer tests on infants shortly after birth to determine any auditory abnormality. Visual acuity is difficult to confirm in an infant as their ability to focus is undeveloped until they reach the age of about six months.
I am not sure why you would ask such a question on this list unless you have a family history of this type of defect and want to know the chances of this being expressed in any future family.

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A Baby born with this defect i.e.

1. Able to have vision only with one eye (Left or right). Able to hear with both ears.
2. Able to hear only with one ear (Left or right). Able to see with both eyes.
3. Able to see and hear both with one eye and one ear. (i.e. Either with Right eye/Right ear OR Left eye/Left ear)

Do you feel for the above Defect/Syndrome/Disorder, Can Vaccines be created
in future and can be given to a Pregnant woman so that this defect/s can be avoided after child birth ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

There is no guarantee on congenital defects in infants.
The damage or loss of an organ at birth is not hereditary but congenital.
The defect about deafness or blindness can be attributed to damage in poly genes but as yet no clear test is available to determine if two parents may carry that gene.
Check of the embryonic fluid may help determine any possible problems in the foetus.


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