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Dear Dr Natarajan

What are the biological reasons of some Human beings at the
Same room Temperature Require a Fan and some Human beings do not Require a Fan?.

i.e. Some Human beings feel cool, Some Human beings feel Hot and hence the need or no need of a Ceiling Fan to operate.

Thanks & Regards
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

There several reasons for differential sensitivity to temperature among humans.
Certain conditions like hypo- or hyper thyroidism can make one person feel colder or warmer compared to other people.

Under normal circumstances, it depends on the physiology. There are certain reactions that take place in the mitochondria within the cell that leads to production of either energy (ATP) or heat. Certain differences in these protein function can lead to production of greater heat and a person might feel warmer. Conversely, people with some variations in this protein leading to less heat production may lead to the person feeling cold. A simple example is when a person exercises heavily, these proteins produce much heat and he or she may feel warm even at lower temperatures. But as the body stabilizes, they might start feel cold. These are temporary conditions. People who consistently feel different from others, may have some underlying conditions leading to less or more heat production.




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