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im a 14 years old student, and im thinking of making a glow in the dark plant, i just dont want to say all my ideas its too complicated, its not using a firefly for making plant glow in the dark, my question is can i mix an animal DNA with plant DNA to make a plant mixed with both? is there any special way of doing that? please explain to me i really wanna do what im thinking of. and tell me if they can be mixed, what should i mix? cells or what?

thank you

Hi Yousef,

I am not sure if I understand correctly what you mean by 'mix' DNA. If you want to randomly mix, you wont have a control of what gets integrated and 99.99 % of the times, it wont result in a viable cell. If you want to do a controlled and specific mix, you have to do several trials using the genes that you are interested in and ligate to the host DNA. Which ever combination results in a viable cell, may have a chance of dividing. Again, due to incompatibility, the cell may end up dying without being able to divide.

What should you mix?
I would not use the word 'mix'. Integration of a DNA from a donor species to the genome of the host species is what one would do.




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