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Genetics/Speech as Genetic Traits.


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Similar to Hair Color, Baldness, Eyes color, Family history diseases, Height etc Genetic traits which may be passed genetically to Offspring from Parents, Ancestors (Grandfather, Grandmother, Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother etc) why Speech(Voice) is not passed as a Genetic Trait ?.

For examples :

A Male Child once becomes an adult has the voice of his father. i.e. The Adult Child's voice/speech resembles that of his Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather.

A Female Child once becomes an adult has the voice of her mother. i.e. The Adult Child's voice/speech resembles that of her Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother.
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Prashant S Akerkar

Vocal characteristics and intonation have no bearing on genetic inheritance.This can be determined by removing a baby from its birth environment where adults communicate in clicks and shrills and emmersing it in a modern location where adults use words.

The child will begin to develop sounds that it interprets in its surroundings and this has nothing to do with any birth parent. The speech pattern is totally dependant on sound interpretation only.
If  a child cannot hear it cannot speak, if the people around it speak in a particular language then the child will begin to use that language as a means of communication. Words phrases nuances are all imitated from those around him.



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