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Hello Doctor, my name is Gulraiz (male age 22) i want to ask two question from you. Q1 )Recently i have undergone appendix surgery and i am recovering well. My concern is about the lab tests that were taken before surgery according to that report i have 12 % lymphocytes (low) as normal range is between 25%-40% and i also have high value of neutrophils 84 % (high)while all other cells were with in their normal range so i want to ask that the abnormality in these cells can be due to appendicitis or not? . i was also tested for HBsAg and HBsAc and both were negative . Q2) what are borderline cases in Hepatitis ? Plz answer i will be very thankful to you !

Hi Gulraiz,

Your WBC values could be associated with infection, and since you had appendicities it may be related to it (provided you did not have any other infection). But unless you had a test done after your surgery and recovery, it is hard to say conclusively.

You are obviously not having the hep antigen. Borderline cases shown a slight increase in the antigen. If you get a vaccine now, you should be set for life.




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