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It is said that people that have 24 chromosomes can not reproduce with people with 23 what if two people with 24 chromosomes mated. If we kept that 24 chromosome and in future generations everyone had 24 instead of 23 do you think we could end up benefiting from having 24. If the human race could evolve to have 24 chromosomes there could be a chance that it could benefit us with longer life's less diseases and stronger bodies.

Hi David,

I am not sure if you mean 24 chr or 24 pairs of chr. I will assume that you mean 24 pairs.

First of all,  A person with 24 pair of chr. would no more be a human being- it would be another species

Assuming that by freak of nature there is a person with 24 pairs, is a human, is normal and is fertile:
To  reproduce, this person must mate with another person of the opposite sex (whatever that may be in this case) who also has the same 24th chr or what we call a homologous chr. 24. To put it more clearly, all chromosomes must occur in pairs in the mate too and should carry the same genes at the same position.   

1) In order to get 24 pairs, years of evolution must take place and stabilize in the species' genome.
2) Today, there are people with 24 pairs of chr but this extra pair is limited to sex chr. only. Their karyotype is 48,XXYY or 48,XXXX or 48,XXXY. And these people are not normal in the first place. They may not be fertile either. And if they were and they mated, it may not result in a viable fetus.

On the whole, your theory is not biologically feasible.



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