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My kids and I began geocaching this summer with a $20.00 Magellan 315 GPS that I found at a garage sale.  WHile it has been great as far as getting into the sport, I am windering if I might have better success (we usually have to visit a site twice befire we find the cache- could just be us though!)with a "fancier" unit.  I'm thinking about asking my husband for one for Xmas.  We don't need anything fancy.  I'm wondering if a new unit under $100 would offer us more than what we've got now. I see a store on eBay sells Magellan Explorist 300 units for around $80.00.  I'm not an outdoor geek- just enjoy geocaching.



I noticed this question in the question pool for geocaching.  Unfortunately, I am not notified of questions posted to the pool and just stumbled across this by accident.  If you still need any advice please submit a new question directly to me (instead of the pool) and I'll get back with you quickly!


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I can answer questions about Geocaching rules, customs, and guidelines. I can also provide advice about what types of features you should look for when buying a GPSr for Geocaching. I also provide assistance in solving puzzle-related Geocaches (or at least my best attempt - no guarantees).


I have been an active Geocacher for over 4 years and have over 2000 finds and 100 hides.

I use a Garmin GPSMAP 76CS.

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