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Geography/introduction and conclusion for a project work on volcanoes and earthquakes.


Tom wrote at 2013-06-15 11:46:44
Hi I am in class 9 ICSE board too, we have been given the same project I know how to write the introduction of this project... in the introduction we have been instructed to write about how man is harming mother earth... in response to this nature is taking revenge in the form of natural calamities... you could mention some examples of such natural calamities like volcanoes, earthquakes, draughts, floods, etc... then we have to mention that in this project 2 types of natural calamities have been discussed ie. volcanoes and earthquake... this is according to ICSE... regarding the conclusion you have to write about how human beings should realize they are harming nature, we all should do our bit in saving nature and thus we could save nature and stop natural calamities to a great extent about the introduction I am fully sure but regarding the conclusion cant give guarantee... hope this helped...


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