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Hello Sir, I am one of the friends of Sharanya whom you have answered some questions about the same topic. So, sir I want to request you that i have a question to ask you about the same topic. I read in Don Bosco School, Bandel. I am a class 9 student.
My Question is:
How the labours are devided among themselves for lumbering in canada?

Hi Sayantan,

There are many jobs in the forest among the lumber jacks.  

The Topper - this is the person who goes up into the tree tops and does the first cut.  He cuts off the top 8 to 12 feet of the tree

The Trimmer - his job is to cut the branches off of the tree or tree top that is felled

The "axe" man or the "Feller" or the "Cutter" this is the person who acutally cuts down the tree.  Often this can be a two person crew.

The hauler - This is the person that uses equipment to move the log (felled tree with out branches) to the staging site where the logs are then picked up and stacked

The Line person - this is the person that helps the hauler move the logs to the staging area

The stagger - is the person how has responsibility to stack the logs and to measure, record and get logs ready for shipment to the saw mill

The loader - this is the person who loads the logs onto the truck for shipment to the saw mill and uses the staggers information to do so.

I hope this helps. Some times the name of the job is a little different as this is based on what they are doing or the scope of their jobs.


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