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I would like to know about the life of lumberjacks,the place they live and their activities.

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Lumberjacks are people who work in the forest that cut down trees for their wood.  Any where there are forests you may find lumberjacks.  Their work is hard and can be very dangerous.  Each year some get killed or badly injured.   In Canada, this is very important work and it is part of the sustainable forestry program in Canada.  There are many types of lumberjacks with different jobs.  There are toppers who climb to near the top of the tree to cut it off.  Then there are the trimmers who remove all of the branches.  There is the feller who cuts down the tree after it has been topped.  The logger who cuts the tree into sections for shipping.  The rover who collects the logs [ a log is a tree that has been cut down] for shipping.  

These people live in crews quarters or temporary housing and move from area to area during the logging season from spring to early fall.  Then typically they go home for the winter to be with their families.


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