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Hello! Could you tell me how much of the earth's equatorial line is on land and how much is on the oceans. The only answer I could find in my own research is 78.7% ocean, some 7% higher than the global aveage. Could you be a secondary-source confirmation or correction to this? Thanks very much in advance for your time & help! -JMM

Hi, sorry this took a while, it is seemingness useless data? Why would you need to know this? My curiosity is stronger and after not finding any measurements or distances on the entire web, I have decided to survey this myself using Google-Maps. It will take a while as my time is limited. You can see the progress at

I used a calculation tool at to calculate the distances between the coordinates at where I have added the rough distances, each stage within one kilometer accuracy. This tool also show a map of the section.

Result: 7696km (19%) of land equator and 32342km (81%) of ocean equator but I will check the sum when I finish the Google-map.

By area:  Landmass = 29.2% Oceans = 70.8%

If you are wondering why the percentage of land at the equator is higher than the expected earth area, it is the rotation of the Earth that causes a bulge at the equator and mass tends to move there. perhaps the Earth will look like a spinning pizza one day?

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