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QUESTION: I am not sure if this would fall into your expertise, but it sounds like you might know better than the next best expert. lol. I was wondering if GPS technology is used to basically plan as many 100 different routes at the same time? I have a delivery job and I would find it useful to create a guide for those back at the store to know how long a trip to and from a particular road within certain addresses shoul take. I wish there was an easy way to calculate all the distances of roads we deliver to. Any thoughts?

Comroutex application
Comroutex application  
ANSWER: Hi James,
in the old days one would note the mileage on the tachometer of the delivery vehicle and deduct it from the mileage at the end of the day. Logging all the deliveries showing time can create a helpful databank. The best is experience. I can remember delivering and collecting home movies in the 80s. After a few months I could guess the delivery time pretty accurately.  

There are helpful devices these days for as little as $100 which use GPS and software to calculate distances covered.

If you are planning the routes, simple online route-planners like Google Maps will help for distances between three points and some like MapQuest even as many stops as you like. I am sure there is corporate software for this too. There are mobile-phone applications too.

I hope this helps and that I have I understood the question.


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QUESTION: Well assuming there are many roads I don't go to often or have even been to, but are within our range, is there anyway to put in the names of all the roads, and have it calculate the distance to go from a home location to either end of all the roads (assuming you know only the road, but not the address on a glance)?

Hi again,
yes, you could find out the highest or lowest house number in each individual street by looking at a good map or Google maps and calculate each of the distances from your starting point for each of them. Perhaps the local post-office or a courier service could tell you how they do it.


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