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1. Slavic people
A) make up a majority of the population in the C.I.S. and Eastern Europe
B) all speak the same language
C) all use the same alphabet
D) have historically had no conflicts with each other

2. The Russian Empire expanded in part because
A) non-Russian peoples wanted to be ruled by the Russian czar
B) Russia's czars wanted to create a secure border for their empire
C) Russia's czars wanted to spread Communism thoughout the world

3. Karl Marx believed that Communist revolutions would occure first in Western industrialized democracies. Before their Communist revolutions, Russia and China
A) were industrialized
B) had long democratic traditions
C) niether A nor B

4. Mikhail Gorbachev introduced reforms in the late 1980s in part because
A) the war in Afghanistan had badly weakedned support for the Soviet system
B) the Soviet Union had failed to industrialize
C) he wanted to expand the Soviet empire
D) he wanted to destory the Communist Party.

Hi Daymia,

Don't know who assigned these to you but they are really poorly structured questions.  

Take the first question.  None of the answers are correct.  C may be the closest but even this one is not true, but is the closest.

The second is also a really poor question, none of these answers are correct.  First of all A is about as silly as they come, B securing boarders? They were the military power in that region and did not need to fear many others.  And C the Tsars were fighting against Communism so this one is not correct.  Of the three perhaps B is the expected response.

C is equally as silly.  I would chose C.  The question makes no sense at all.

And last, number 4,  wow this one is the silliest of the four.  None are correct.  The fighting in Afghanistan had little to do with the fall of the USSR,  B, they were industrialized C, he had no desire to expand the "empire" and D, wanted to reform the party, not destroy it.   He wanted to restructure how things were done and begin to move towards a more modern system of market driven demand and supply.  But faced stiff resistance from with in, especially from those who would lose their "gravy train."

Good luck on this.  Your teacher should rethink these.


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