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I extend my apology for not offering enough information in the question previously sent, I have a tendency to run-on, and have been trying to work through that. Here is a copy-paste of the question, which I'll follow up on:  This question has arisen recently during a family ancestry project: one of my ancestors is listed as having been from Westersted, in Schleswig-Holstein Germany, which I cannot find. The reference is to the 18th and 19th centuries, could this possibly have been a city, town, or village that has been renamed, or no longer exists? I've viewed a few web-pages in reference to a Westerstede, in Lower Saxony, Germany, but the information I've obtained clearly states the location this ancestor emigrated from as Westersted, Schleswig-Holstein.
 Any help on this is sincerely appreciated, or if you could recommend another contact to ask this question, I'd certainly appreciate the mention of the direction to search.
 Appreciatively, Dave
 The specific time period begins in the year 1767, the year Johannes Stahl emigrated from what is listed as Westersted, Holstein, and arrived to the Volga region of Russia, and was later first mayor of the village, it was named for Johannes Stahl. With the Stahl family was a young orphan, the first of the Müller family I am researching, the Müllers being on my family paternal side. I've tried every search word and term I could think of, and every hit returns information dealing with Westerstede of Lower Saxony, yet as listed in numerous web-pages, amongst the first immigrants to Stahl am Tarlyk were those who emigrated from Westersted, Holstein, the number of those immigrants being approximately 80. I hope this information helps, and as mentioned previously, I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration! By the way, on the maternal side of my family, my grandmother's entire family emigrated from Bavaria, and immigrated directly to the U.S.! I'd love to visit the area sometime! Thanks in advance, Dave

The borders changed a lot around this time. I think the Westestede near Oldenburg was in control of Holstein around that time. Achives in Oldenburg or Hamburg might help if you ever visit Germany. The departing port known? Was most likely Bremen or Hamburg?
Sorry cannot help further. Please try someone up north.

Distribution of names today:

Only one place called "Westerstede" currently in Germany:

Correct yahuugle string: Westerstede holstein -entfernung -niedersachsen -saxony

1) Gottorp ducal share in Holstein and Schleswig, partitioned from ducal Holstein in 1544, acquired half of Haderslev share in 1580 (thus thereafter simply called ducal share), merged into the royal share in 1773 with its ruler receiving in return the prior Danish-held County of Oldenburg. 2)Haderslev ducal share in Holstein and Schleswig, partitioned from ducal Holstein in 1544, halfed between Gottorp and royal share in 1580. 3) Royal share in Holstein and Schleswig, acquired half of Haderslev share in 1580, the County of Holstein-Pinneberg in 1640 and the Gottorp share in 1773, thus then comprising all of Holstein. Between 1648 and 1773 the royal share used to be called Holstein-Glückstadt after its capital Glückstadt.

"The dynastic name Holstein-Gottorp comes as convenient usage from the technically more correct Duke of Schleswig and Holstein at Gottorp. Adolf, the third son of Duke and King Frederick I and the second youngest half-brother of King Christian III, founded the dynastic branch called House of Holstein-Gottorp, which is a cadet branch of the then royal Danish House of Oldenburg. The Danish monarchs and the Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp ruled both duchies together as to general government, however, collected their revenues in their separate estates. John the Elder conveniently called Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Haderslev produced no issue, so no branch emerged from his side"


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