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QUESTION: Lumber jacks,lumbering,lumbering,lumbering in canada,high riggers

ANSWER: Hi Krishna,

I assume that you are wanting to know about these jobs in the Canadian Forestry industry.

A lumber Jack is a person who works in the forest and cuts down trees. This is a very hard and very dangerous job.  There are several differnt kinds of jobs that these hearty individuals perform from "Topping" to High Riggers, Branchers, haulers and so on.  These trees that are cut down or "Felled" are then stacked and allowed to dry for a period of time,  Then these are hauled to the lumber mill where the trees are sliced into boards or cut to make ply wood lumber.  These forest products are then dried and packaged for delivery to builders who use the wood for building homes and other structures.  Some of the wood can also be used to make paper and many other products.

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QUESTION: reasons for flourishment of lumbering and lumberjacks

Hi Krishna,

In Canada, the forestry industry is considered a critical sustainable industry which provides thousands of jobs across the country.  The farming of trees for lumber, wood pulp for paper, and forest related chemicals is an under pinning of the economy of Canada.  Lumberjacks and related jobs are therefore very important and very well paid positions.  


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