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Sister can you please tell me how is environmental degradation linked to poverty.
other than "deforestation for fuel" example.

Hi wajid, sorry for late reply.
Environmental degradation refers to the depletion of resources i.e., air, water, soil, elements, compounds etc., which eventually will lead to the deterioration of the environment.
A strong link can be observed between environmental degradation and poverty.Usually the slums and the poor societies are settled in sub urban areas or away from the main cities due to low land cost.Such settlements are not facilitated and have to face various problems related to environmental degradation i.e.,impure drinking water, poor sanitation and sewage system,water logging and salinity nearby such settlements is another problem, industrial wastage, animal dung, garbage etc.
The settlements in sub urban area of Lahore near Shahdara city is a conspicious example, where the poors have to face all such problems.
No doubt, a man himself is responsible for environmental degradation but unfortunately the poors have to face most of the consequences.  


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