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For the following civilizations;
Can u please name a famous building used for religion, a god or goddess of each religion and if there was a way they adapted to their envirionment
(the first 2 I have to expllain tose, but could u please elaborate on the 3rd item)


The Inca Civilization occupied the Altiplano and parts of costal Chile,Equador,Peru, Bolivia and other Modern South American countries.  Their civilization was predominently west of the Andes mountains but it is known that they had contacts with the interior of South America as well based on the traded items found in their graves.  Machu Pichu is a very famous village found in a very remote valley and may have been one of their last strong holds after the invasion of the Conquistatdors in the 1500's. The Temple of the Sun in Cuzco was a very important religious structure.  They worshiped the Sun God (Inti) at this temple.  They also worshiped other gods including Patamachec the Creator God.  

The Mayan Civilization occupied the Jungles of Guatemala, Southern Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador among other modern countries.  The Maya were made up of city states that were at war with each other over resources in a resource difficult area.  They build large temple structures in many parts of their territories.  Two of the more famous ones are Copan and Chichen Itza.  Both have elaborate temples and plazas, sports areans etc... All of these cities had a temple dedicated to Kinich Ahau, the Sun God.  But they worshiped many different gods including gods of rain, thunder and lightening, fertility and corn.

The Aztec civilization occupied mostly central Mexico with extensions into Southen US and Guatemala.  Their main city of Tenochtitlan is where Mexico City is today.  Like the Maya, they seemed to be at war with each other until the city states formed an alliance and formed the Aztec empire.  The empire established a "state religion" with many gods and  the leaders represented the Gods to the people.  Huitzilopochtli was one of their principal Gods and represented the Sun God.  Here too they had gods of rain, fertility, brith and death etc...

You can find much more information on all of these on line by going to and putting in the name of the civilization.  Select Wikipedia's article on the civilization.

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QUESTION: Thank u that was very informative, could you maybe elaborate in a specific way each civilization adapted to their environment(Were they growing crops that grew in that certain environment?,Did they have storage systems that to cope with drought or famine?, Did they use certain building materials? Please be as specific as you can)

Thank you and any of your answers are appreciated.

Hi pow, all three had storage systems, all used stone to build their monumental structures,  all grew crops that were well suited to their environments;

Inca grew quinouis, potatoes, maize, curcubids, on terraced fields and had animal husbandry.
Maya grew maize, curcubids, and gathered many other foods from the jungles around them
Aztec grew maize, curcubids, amaranth, cinapodium and other crops.  


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