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what is the inset box on a map?, how does it look?, what information does it contain?I think they are mostly found on political maps but I'm not sure.

Could u please clarify and answer my above questions
Thank you

Hi Hue,  An inset box on a map is any area of the map that has a special focus. So a map of Chicago's downtown loop with its elevated subway tracks is often an area of focus and they will place an inset map of this into Lake Michigan.  It will be enlarged to help the map reader to see the details.  An inset may also be used to define the symbols on a map including the distances, and it could also include the "map ledgend" or the name of the publisher, dates, where it was printed and so on.  But these will be in the margins of the map and away from the key map features.  These insets can be found on any kind of map to show specific details.

I hope this helps.


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