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Geography/Physical Features of North America


QUESTION: Can you please name some of the most important physical featured of North America and if you can, please tell me why they are so important?
Thank you and ANY answers you give will be appreciated

ANSWER: Hi Wendel,

The Rocky Mountains they effect the weather east of the Rockies.  The Great Lakes, critical water resource for millions of people, fishing, transportation etc...,the Great Plains which is the bread basket of north America.  The Mississippi river, critical for transporting goods and people.

Do you need more?

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QUESTION: Thank you and can you please tell me why the 3 seacosts are so important?
Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Wendel,

Recreation, commerce, shipping, natural resources like oil and gas, fishing, etc...

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QUESTION: I'm so sorry for asking so many questions but can you please tell me 2 or 3 more important physical features of North America that leads to the US becoming so powerful.
and again, sorry for asking so many questions
Thank you

Hi Wendel,

Don't need to apologize.  America has many natural resources and occupies much of North America which gives it a strategic place on the globe.  Because of this we occupy a unique position with other countries in Asia and Europe.  Also our early freedom also helped.  Our rivers, long coast lines and mountains all helped make us strong.


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