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Can u please tell me some of the major physical features of south east asia and y those are so important and y how they affect the people.
Thank you and any answers are appreciated

Hi Tran,  Southeast Asia is,, for the most part a very large delta.  This created by the out flow of the Mekong River system.  It is an area of very rich farm land and with abundant water, ideal for rice cultivation.  As you travel towards the north it become very hilly and these subtropical areas support plantations of fruit trees and many kinds of farms.  To the north and west are the mountains of Laos and the foot hills of the Mountains of the Tibetan plateau.  And the head waters of the Mekong river.  Tea is grown as are other crops in the region, mostly on terraced plots.  The port of Hanoi is a natural deep water port and grown in importance as Vietnams economy has grown.  

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